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Jacob Harris

Games Designer



  • I'm sometimes funny
  • I live on coffee 
  • I'm great in a team
  • I have the uncanny ability to fix almost anything
  • I can make pretty landscapes

I'm a computer games design graduate currently doing a masters in computer games development. 

I'm a Level designer with experience in hard surface modelling, UVW management and texturing models. I also can program C# having have worked as the lead programmer for firestorm games, and as an supporting programmer for several projects at university.




Desert Temple

In this project, I successfully created a game level featuring a desert temple and surrounding landscape, using Unreal Engine 5 as my platform with a Windows target.

To build the temple and other buildings, I employed hard surface modelling techniques in Autodesk 3DS Max and sculpted high-poly models in ZBrush. With the use of Substance Painter, I applied textures to the models to bring them to life. I then imported all of this data into UE5 to create a cohesive game level.

To create the landscape for the level, I utilized SideFX Houdini, which enabled me to convert LIDAR scan data from the Barringer Crater in Arizona into a heightmap and several splatter maps. This data was then imported into my UE5 scene, where I used the landscape tool to create the terrain, incorporating texture differences between the rock, sediment, and sand elements of the landscape.

While the project was a valuable learning experience for me, I am pleased with the final product and the opportunity to blend multiple software applications together to create an immersive and visually stunning game level. I am confident that this project showcases my knowledge in hard surface modelling, sculpting, texturing, and landscape creation for UE5.

Desert Temple - Skeleton

To create this stunning 3D model, I started by taking a set of 200 high-quality photos of a skeleton, using talcum powder to eliminate any shine or translucency in the plastic.

I then imported the photo set into Photoshop and colour-corrected the images to optimize their quality for use in Reality Capture. Once I had processed the model in Reality Capture, I exported it into SideFX Houdini, where I retopologized it so that only the skeleton remained from the original output.

In Houdini, I also ran the model through a UV Unwrap to prepare it for importing into Substance Painter, where I created textures that now detail the model. Finally, I imported the skeleton and textures into my Unreal Engine 5 project, where it became an integral part of my level design.

By skillfully applying my expertise in photography, Photoshop, Reality Capture, Houdini, Substance Painter, and Unreal Engine 5, I was able to create a realistic and visually stunning 3D model.