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Jacob Harris

Games Designer



  • I'm sometimes funny
  • I live on coffee 
  • I'm great in a team
  • I have the uncanny ability to fix almost anything
  • I can make pretty landscapes

I'm a computer games design graduate currently doing a masters in computer games development. 

I'm a Level designer with experience in hard surface modelling, UVW management and texturing models. I also can program C# having have worked as the lead programmer for firestorm games, and as an supporting programmer for several projects at university.



Crater temple:


Desert Temple

The goal for this project was to create a desert temple and surrounding landscape which could be used as a game level. For this I utilised Unreal Engine 4 to build my level environment with a target platform of Windows.


To build itself I hard surface modelled all of the buildings in  Autodesk 3DS Max, sculpting High poly's models in ZBrush, and Used Substance painter to texture them. Importing all of this data in to UE4.

Using SideFX Houdini I created the landscape of the level form LIDAR scan data from the Barringer Crater in Arizona. Houdini was used to convert the LIDAR data into a heightmap and several splatter maps That where imported in to my UE scene. In UE I used the landscape tool and the Heightmap I had exported to create the terrain and then used the splatter maps to create texture differences between the rock, sediment and sand that makes up the terrain. 

In the local area to the level I used the terrain painter to create a secondary crater of sand, which with more knowledge and experience I now feel was a bad idea. Instead I should have blended flat local terrain into the wider landscape as a whole.

I think that this was a very good learning project that taught me how to blend multiple different pieces of software together and if I had the opportunity to make this again I would go about it in a different manner.

Desert Temple - Skeleton

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